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Navigating Your way into and finding your place in the Special Effects Makeup Industry is a Challenge,
keeping your Inspiration up and finding your Peer Group will be the Key!


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How we can help you find Your Pathway to your Dream?

There are two major components
Inspiration and Peer Group


Leading Ladies of Makeup Effects Book .... page open to Eryn Krueger Mekash

Inspiration! Our Book
Leading Ladies Of Makeup Effects

This book is has 26 biographies of the elading women in Makeup Effects:
12 Academy Award-winners, 9 Emmy Award Winners, 5 Emerging Artists

These biographies cover these artists' careers from their Inspiration to their Training to their Projects.  Each of their backstories are diverse and individual and there are gems of insight into what made them the Leading Ladies they've become.  Also, you'll find similarities in their stories which create a virtual pathway for what it takes any great artist to find success while cahsing their dream.  

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Peer Group!  Our New -FB Forum
LLME Elite Forum

We are launching an exclusive private limited subscription Facebook group.
 This will be a secure and positive environment for questions and advice, posting photos of work for constructive critque.
This group will be a place for members to become familiar with other women working in the Special Makeup Effects Community, from 
those thinking about becoming Makeup Artists, Students Enrolled in Makeup Schools, Graduates from school and taking their first steps, Union members mid-career, and Makeup Artists who have become Department heads and Designer,
the next Award-Winning Leading Ladyies.  

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Leading Ladies of Makeup Effects
Inspiration on every page!

Leading Ladies of Makeup Effects Book .... page open to Eryn Krueger Mekash

Here You'll Find Inspiration, Learn Who's Who, and Get to Know the Ladies Who Have Paved YOUR Way!

This is the 1st book ever to shine the spotlight on these 26 remarkable women working in Special Makeup Effects.
12 Oscar-Winners, 9 Emmy-winners, and 5 Emerging Artists.  These are the women who blazed the trial entering the realm of special effects makeup and shattering the glass ceiling of the "Boys Club." 
Each of these women's backstories are unique, as with any great artist, revealing their inspiration, discipline, and team-first attitudes to break barriers and meet the challenges placed before them, all the while working collaboratively with grace, poise, and kindness.
Open this book to any page and YOU'll find inspiration when yours is failing you.  You'll see the discipline they had to live to keep moving forward.  Their team-first spirits to help themselves and their colleagues achieve the goals for the project.
These incredible modest women will lift you up when you read their stories, invigorating you to get out there and strive for your Dream.

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NEW!!! LLME Elite Forum!
A Facebook Subscription Membership Peer Group


NEW!!!!  This is the Peer Group to help you find YOUR place in the Special Makeup Effects Community!

The Special Makeup Effects Industry can be difficult to enter and navigate, finding a safe heading through the confusion at the beginning.  We've created this group to help find a calm and safe place for you to get started and find your place in the community. This will be a place where you can ask questions safely and receive answers which are positive.  It will be a place to share phtots of your work for constructive critique to help you build a good portfolio.  You'll meet advisors, colleagues, classmates and friends here to network and collaborate with on personal projects for practice and possible work.   The relationships you build here will serve you out in the community, you know "who's who" and they'll know you.
This Group will be launched in Late November, membership will be by subscription and limited in the beginning to allow us to serve You in the best ways possible.  Come check it out and start finding YOUR place in the community.    

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Special Bundle Offers!!
Combine your
Inspiration and Peer Group!

Special Offers for "Super Hero", "Heroine", and "Dreamer" Leading Ladies!!
Bundles include:  our Book, Our FB Forum, and other surprises!

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Here is what Special Makeup Effects Artists are saying about our Book.

Cory Taylor Bryant Testimonial

Cory Taylor Bryant

Special Effects Makeup Artist

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Giulia Chimp Giorgi

SPFX MUA, Co-Founder EffectUs,
Owner Baburka Effects.

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Demi Kay MUA Cinema Makeup School

Demi Kay

MUA at Cinema Makeup School

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